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Our Services

Comprehensive mental health assessment

This is a consultation that all clients require in the first instance. It is a longer appointment (between 1-1.5 hrs). During this time, we will explore current difficulties, any relevant past history and formulate a plan of care. 

Short term psychological interventions

These sessions typically involve implementing a plan we have made at assessment. For example, it may be anxiety management, self harm prevention and management to name but a few. 


These sessions will sometimes involve those closest to the client as well as the client themselves. It is an opportunity to discuss and learn more about your mental health condition and to support those closest to the client by information sharing. This is only ever done by full written consent from the client. 

Cognitive assessment

This is a longer 1.5 hour appointment where an assessment of cognition (including memory) is undertaken. This is also done in collaboration with a person close to the client in order to gain some collateral history. A full written report is provided and can be shared with your GP or specialist. 


Referrals to other agencies may be necessary. In this instance, you will be provided with a full copy of your assessment and referral.

Adolescent Mental health support

Overall support for young people and their families. Please get in touch for bespoke service options for this service. 


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